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On April 4th, 2010 I wrote this blog on my old page. I wanted to share it with you today as a follow up to the doll I mentioned in yesterdays “The Heart Box” post.

“The Easter Bag”

“Sometimes it’s okay to lose something, because of the joy of having it returned.”  -Dora Wallace

Occasionally I write about things that are near and or dear to my heart. I write things that can be sad or melancholy. Recently I wrote about my dolls and discussed one in particular in depth. That doll was my Peaches and Cream Barbie. She was my favorite doll and she was taken from me and never returned

As children we all have one item that we treasure far above the rest. Peaches and Cream was the prettiest thing I had ever owned. I got her in 1984, I was 4 years old and kept her for several years. I kept her until she was moved from her regular home at Granny’s to Mamaw’s house. I may have had her a few days at Mamaw’s when she disappeared. I missed her and felt a huge loss. She was the nicest doll I ever had, given to me at my Granny’s. I don’t recall if she was given to me by my Aunt Gloria (Sissy) who frequently bought me dolls or by Granny who would send money by Sissy to buy me something. Nonetheless it was given to me by family that I cherished, loved, and longed deeply to be with.

This week I received an email from a dear and sweet friend of mine. For the past five years I’ve grown to care more and more for he and his family, not only are they friends, but also Christians. We have a great deal in common. The message came asking me when Shawn and I would be home and what we were doing this Thursday or Friday. Long story short, we were able to have a visit at home from my dear friend after we got home from Memphis. It’s nice to have friends over, it lets you know they want to be with you.

As our friend came in he was carrying a bag. In the bag I could see Easter colors and eggs. It was a gift. In the five years I’ve known my friend and his family they have always been givers. We sat around and talked for an hour or so and he handed the bag to me. He said there were some Easter goodies for Shawn and I to share, but one piece that was in the very middle was to be opened last and by me. I wanted Shawn to share in the opening of the gift, but Shawn said “Dora, you just go ahead and open it.”

I took the wrapped piece in my hands and lay it on my lap. I touched the top and stopped…It was a very familiar feeling to my hands, the rectangle shape of the box, the plastic on top. Before I even got the package open I felt my heart begin to swell and tears fill my eyes. I looked at my friend and said choking back tears “I think I know what this is.” 

I pulled off the wrapping and there before me was a Peaches and Cream 1984 Barbie in her original box, with everything she originally came with. I began to sob, Shawn began to cry, my friend began to cry, the emotion was palpable. The quote at the top is one that came to me that night. Sometimes it’s okay to lose something, because of the joy of having it returned. If I had never lost my precious doll, I would never have had the wonderful and heartwarming experience of having her returned to me.

This was a gesture that I will never, ever forget. I’m so thankful for the love of my friend and his deeply rooted goodness. He read my blog about my dolls and it touched him so that he wanted to do something to make me smile. I’ll never forget it, ever. I cried and looked at the doll and took her out of her package and felt the love that God says you will have for your brothers and sister fill up my heart to the brim. God’s word says that “there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” Prv 18:24 I’m richly blessed.

The gift of this doll is not in the item, but in what she represents. She was part of the family that I wasn’t allowed to remain with. She was given to me by hands that wanted to always see me smile and to always see me happy and to always show me that I was loved. Now that Sissy is gone the doll is that much more precious, Granny and Aunt Em are growing older, she is more precious because when I think of the doll I think of those faces and their love for me and my love for them. I will treasure her and keep her safe and never forget the love that gave her to me first and the love that returned her to me after 26 years.

UPDATE: This special doll is now kept inside a cabinet in my dining room that we call “our special cabinet.” It contains items that have significant meaning to our family. Things we want to see daily and have as a reminder of love and happiness.

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