My Helps

The items on this page have helped me with anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I have used all of these at some point and time or own them currently. I will not share a book or product here that hasn’t worked for me, they all have had value in my therapy.

This book is on my shelf at home. It was shared with me at therapy. It touched my heart and taught me something about myself. “The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself” is an excellent book for children and adults. Every home should own this book, every school library should have it as well as guidance counselors, therapists and teachers.

This book touched me so much I made a drawing of it for my therapist as a gift. Here is my drawing.
It depicts me as a child and my therapist Stephanie at Anchoring Hope in Wise VA.

I enjoy to journal, my therapist gave me a mindfulness journal to help me learn how to be present and not drift off into the past, but rather take in the world around me.

I couldn’t find the exact copy she gave me to share with you, but this one is very similar. It’s called “Present, Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You Are”

I love essential oils! I never knew how much they would actually help me until I began using them both on my skin and in a diffuser. I use the GuruNanda Essential Oil Diffuser EVERY SINGLE DAY! If I’m up, it’s going. I choose a different essential oil for however I’m feeling on a given day and have noticed a genuine effect on my mood and ability to relax depending upon the oil I use.

Every day I have this thing on, using the Guru Nanda (Set of 6) Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends

Most often I use the calming and relaxing sleep oils in the diffuser, but rotate them each daily and always use a relaxing or calming oil in the diffuser each night. On days when I feel very anxious I place one of the oils on each wrist and behind my ears for maximum relief.

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